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The System

The System

The GreenIQ Smart Gardening System has 3 components:

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

GreenIQ Mobile App

GreenIQ Cloud


The Science Of Evapotranspiration (ET)

Evapotranspiration (ET) is the sum of water evaporation from the soil and plant transpiration to the atmosphere. Your garden’s water balance is compensated by natural precipitation and by your irrigation system.

The question is how to avoid over-watering and under-watering of your plants?

Your GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub automatically downloads data from the internet on current and forecast weather conditions provided by the nearest weather station. Factors such as temperature, relative humidity (RH), wind speed and solar radiation directly impact the ET in your garden. The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub schedules irrigation based on the start time and end time you programmed, and modifies the irrigation period according to ET and latest/forecast precipitation. It actually creates a smart gardening routine: On very hot and dry days, your plants will get more water, and on cold and cloudy days – less water. On rainy days the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub will turn off irrigation completely.