How it works

GreenIQ smart sprinkler controller allows you to schedule your garden's irrigation and lighting, from anywhere you are, anytime you want.

Our Technology

The GreenIQ system intelligently calculates optimal watering programs for your garden. Its components, Hub, app. and cloud, synchronize together with the GreenIQ smart technology that can save up to 50% on your outdoor water bill, while keeping your garden and lawn lush and green.

The GreenIQ Smart Garden hub adjusts your garden watering schedules based on past, current, and forecasted weather conditions. The system collects weather data from multiple sources and its smart algorithm – WeatherIQ™- factors the weather conditions into its calculations.

We’ve gathered some questions and answers regarding the GreenIQ Hub, its advantages and installation process, the GreenIQ app and its features, and about the systems’ operation, and the integrations and accessories it connects with.

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