How does GreenIQ actually help me growing my business?

Saving Time

Managing a garden via GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub, saves you unnecessary trips to the customer, as you control it from anywhere with a smartphone or a tablet.

Maintenance becomes so easy, as you can remotely view and simply adjust the water parameters of the irrigation from your smart device.

Saving Money

You save travel costs and working time in each ‘GreenIQ garden’ you have, and therefore may add more of those gardens to your portfolio and increase your business. By installing a GreenIQ smart irrigation controller to your customers, you help them saving money and optimizing their water usage, as the controller irrigates according to weather parameters.

Peace of mind

The GreenIQ reliable Smart Controller offers comfort and peace of mind. The simple and intuitive interface of the app and the pro-dashboard is user-friendly and manages all features of the garden: irrigation, fertilization, lighting and even pipe breakages and blockages.


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