GreenIQ Pro Platform
Enables you to be a part of our
Smart Garden Revolution

Our cutting edge technology enables you to take part in the smart garden revolution, make your business larger and more efficient.
GreenIQ promotes gardening professionals and landscapers and gives them a full support in managing large distant areas anytime, anywhere with advanced smart tools headed by GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub.

Become a GreenIQ Pro

What are the benefits of becoming a GreenIQ Pro

Expend your business

Be ahead of your competitors by providing smart and efficient solutions to your customers


Control your business anytime, anywhere

No fees

There are no recurring fees for you or the homeowner

Extended warranty

Exclusive 4-year warranty available with all pro installations

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

Controls irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather and save up to 50% on the outdoor water consumption. The device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks and is easy to install and setup. The hub can be controlled from anywhere, at anytime, using an app that works on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, PC or Mac.

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GreenIQ Dashboard for the Pro

Our Dashboard enables managing a large quantity of GreenIQ hubs. It was developed especially for the pros who wish to grow their business, manage a large quantity of gardens anywhere, at anytime

Check out our dashboard
  • Control each area with multi-hubs at once
  • Control a single hub
  • Adding/removing/grouping hubs
  • Pause watering for certain amount of time until a specific date
  • Increase/decrease watering level by percentage
  • Import/export programs via Excel
  • Implement your company’s branding (logo, email, signature, contacts etc.) and communicate with your customers via emails or notifications

Works with Smart Home programs & devices

  • amazon-echo
  • control-4
  • apple-watch
  • Google Home
  • conrad

Works with Smart Garden accessories & devices

  • Google Home
  • conrad
  • davish
  • netatmo
  • vegetronix

Cellular Connectivity

  • Connects right from the box no wireless network configuration.
  • Works everywhere, wider coverage.
  • Every pro who brings a new cellular GreenIQ customer gets a share in recruitment subscription fee.
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Smart City Irrigation Platform

Urban Gardens just got smarter

GreenIQ Smart City platform was developed to achieve efficient landscape irrigation in large properties like campuses and hospitals and even entire cities.

  • Key Benefits
  • Smart irrigation scheduling Control
  • Up to 50% water saving
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity
  • Connects with soil and rain sensors and flow meters
  • Detects pipe-breaks and leaks
  • Full control via GreenIQ Dahsboard
  • Integration to 3 rd party systems using API
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