GreenIQ Relay

Control your landscape lighting

In addition to controlling your sprinklers and saving water, your Smart Garden Hub can also control your landscape lighting. You can schedule lights based on time, sunrise, sunset, dawn or dusk. GreenIQ also allows you to control your landscape lighting remotely from wherever you are using your smartphone.

Make your standard light bulbs smarter by using IFTTT and other IoT home automation platforms to create cool automation recipes. For example, turn on the landscape lights when your Smartphone location indicates you arrived home.

In order to connect the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub to your landscape lighting, you need a relay. The purpose of that relay is to decouple the high voltage / high current from the Hub.

Please note that the relay and landscape lighting must be wired only by an authorised electrician. Incorrect installation might damage the Hub, and even cause serious injuries or death from electrical shock.

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Technical Specification

Part Number: GIQ-0038-02

Max Voltage: 300V

Max Current: 12A

Coil Voltage: 24V AC

Coil Consumption: 3.5W

Wiring Diagram