GreenIQ Flow Meter

Avoid Catastrophic Leaks –
Monitor Your Water Consumption

GreenIQ Flow Meter Get Water Alerts From Your Garden. A flow meter is a crucial component to make your smart garden even smarter. Until you have a sensor on your pipe, you really don’t know how much water you are using – and possibly wasting. A small leak can waste thousands of gallons water without you even realizing it. Knowing that water does not flow through your pipes as fast as it should, is also important. This will give you actionable information.

Be smart, use the GreenIQ Flow Meter to keep tabs on your watering habits and detect possible problems. The meter sends data back to GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub through a wire after being connected in-line to an irrigation pipe.

The meter reports gallons/liters of water consumption to the controller, making the data available in the GreenIQ app. The meter uses advanced machine-learning technology that sends you alert about leaks, pipe breaks, and slow water flow via the app.

The flow meter comes in three sizes, 3/4″, 1″ and 2″ and in two standards, NPT for USA/Canada and BSP for Europe/Australia/Japan/Israel.

GreenIQ flow meters have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. Please keep the original receipt as a purchase proof.

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Technical Specification

Size 3/4″ 3/4″ 1″ 1″
Flow Range 2-45 L/min 0.5-12 Gal/min 4-45 L/min 1-12 Gal/min
Accuracy 3 cm3 0.18 in3 12.5 cm3 0.76 in3
Total Length 45 mm 1.77 in 60 mm 2.36 in
Max. Pressure 17.5 bar / 254 PSI
Cable Length 30 cm / 1 ft. (extendable)

App Alerts

Connecting The Flow Meter

Gen. 2


Gen. 3