Connecting TORO® Precision Soil moisture Sensor to
GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub


The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub was not originally design to support the TORO® Precision Soil Moisture Sensor, however, there is a workaround that allows such connection. The TORO® Precision Soil Moisture Sensor connects to the Rain Sensor port, and gets it 24VAC power from the Lighting Control Channel.


Toro Precision Soil Sensor (Receiver Cable) GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub
Red Cable-1, COM, Black
Red Cable-2, L, White
White Cable-2, VCC, Red
Brown Cable-2, R, Orange
Yellow (Not Used)  

App Setup

1) From the main menu, go to Sensors > Rain Sensor and turn the switch ON.

2) In order to provide power to the Soil Sensor Receiver, make sure that Lighting is always ON, e.g. Manual button of lighting is ON.

How Does It Work?

Whenever soil moisture is higher than the predefined value on the Soil Sensor Receiver, the sprinklers will skip the next watering cycle.

Link to TORO® Precision Soil Moisture Sensor