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We’re excited to bring you the smart garden revolution with our first monthly newsletter! In this newsletter we’ll update you on new features, latest news, gardening and watering tips, and many more interesting topics related to Internet-of-Things (IoT) and the smart garden revolution.

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GreenIQ team: Odi Dahan, Dafna Lorincz and Pavel LivshizLast month we participated at the largest consumer electronics show in the world, CES 2015, Las Vegas. In the show we have launched our second generation Smart Garden Hub, which received an outstanding feedback from the press, retailers and the visitors. We have even won “Best of CES 2015” award by iPhoneLife magazine!
Read more about GreenIQ at CES in English, French or Spanish.




GreenIQ Garden Hub

During CES, we also announced a new IoT partnership with Koubachi and IoT connectivity to Netatmo. GreenIQ partnership with Koubachi allows seamless communication between Koubachi Plant Sensor and GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub services. The partnership enables even more water saving in your garden and lawn.

GreenIQ and NetatmoAs of today, GreenIQ users can associate their Netatmo Weather Station and Rain Gauge with their Smart Garden Hub. The new feature allows the Hub to obtain highly localized and accurate weather information, and further optimize watering cycles.

The best part is that even if you don’t own a Netatmo Weather Station, you can still seamlessly connect to other Netatmo weather stations around you for free!


The GreenIQ Team is excited to introduce GardenKit, GreenIQ’s open API!

The GardenKit API is a REST API that provides developers all the components that are required to build a full or partial app for the Smart Garden Hub. You can learn more about this exciting opportunity on our dedicated Developers Webpage.

Review Alex

We’d like to conclude this month newsletter with an amazing success story of our community member, Alex Pritsert from Israel who saved 70% on his water bill, and shared it on our Facebook page.


Share your success stories with other GreenIQ community members and us! Spread the word of the Smart Garden Hub Revolution and join GreenIQ Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitterpages. You’re also welcome to visit our all-new Website.


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