February 2018 GreenIQ Updates

This month, we are proud to share with you the GreenIQ cellular-based technology and the GreenIQ Pro website that we created for landscapers and professionals who need to control more than one Smart Garden Hub.
We’ve also gathered all GreenIQ’s last software updates and some gardening ideas and tips for you.

Cellular-Based GreenIQ
Most of GreenIQ customers use Smart Garden Hubs based on Wi-Fi technology. In the growing and developing IoT world, Wi-Fi is a critical component of smart devices wireless connectivity. When the Wi-Fi connection is interrupted or, in worse cases, does not exist, IoT products cannot function properly and the “easy life” they are supposed to create for us, becomes more like a hassle.
GreenIQ is the first and only company in its market segment to understand that homeownerslandscaping professionals, and smart cities have to control landscape irrigation in locations with limited or even no Wi-Fi connectivity. Our unique Smart Garden Hub cellular model has continuous wireless connectivity, thus can be controlled by an app regardless of Wi-Fi availability on site. The Hub has an internal cellular modem and an internal international SIM card that works almost anywhere on the globe with cellular coverage. Our current cellular models use HSPA (3.5G) standards, and later this year our 4G LTE-M version will hit the market. for the full article about Cellular Connectivity, go to https://greeniq.com/pro/cellular-connectivity/

Are you a Pro? Do you know a Pro?
This section is for you!
GreenIQ promotes gardening professionals and landscapers and gives them a full support in managing large distant areas anytime, anywhere with advanced smart tools headed by GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub. Our cutting-edge technology enables the pro to take part in the smart garden revolution, make their business larger and more efficient. How does it actually happen? There you go:

Saving Time
Managing a garden via GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub, saves unnecessary trips to the customer site, as it is controlled anytime and from anywhere with a smartphone or a tablet. And because you can remotely view and simply adjust the water parameters of the irrigation from any smart device that has the GreenIQ app installed, maintenance is easy.

Saving Money|
You save travel costs and working time in each of your GreenIQ gardens, making it feasible for you to add more GreenIQ gardens to your portfolio and increase your business. By installing a GreenIQ smart irrigation controller at your customers’ sites, you help them save money and optimize their water usage, as the controller irrigates according to weather parameters.

Peace of Mind
The reliable GreenIQ Smart Controller offers comfort and peace of mind. The simple and intuitive interface of the app and the pro-dashboard is user-friendly and manages all features of the garden: irrigation, fertilization, lighting, and even pipe breakages and blockages.
Want to become a GreenIQ pro? Go to our pro website and Sign Up today!

Rain Sensors
GreenIQ factors weather conditions into its smart algorithm from public and private weather stations and irrigates the exact amount needed – when it is needed. The system skips irrigation cycles or lowers the watering amount according to weather conditions, eliminating the need to purchase a rain sensor along with our system.
But if you still have a rain sensor from your old irrigation system, don’t toss it! GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub gen.2 and gen. 3 both integrate with rain sensors that prevent the system from watering when it rains.

Drought in Cape Town 
South Africa has declared the drought in Cape Town a “national disaster”.
The government made the announcement after reassessing the “magnitude and severity” of the three-year drought. The city, which includes 4 million inhabitants, requires each citizen to use less than 50 liters of water daily. This limit is just enough for a very short shower and one flush of the toilet a day when other needs – including just one load of the laundry a week – are taken into account.
Countries and cities that suffer from water shortages should adopt policies that include placing water-saving facilities all around town and educating the citizens to adopt water-conserving daily routine.
“Countries need to look beyond the status quo and implement country-level actions”, says Laha Mazahreh in her TED lecture about ‘3 thoughtful ways to conserve water’. Smart Cities and consumers around the globe that use GreenIQ smart irrigation controllers have already saved over 500 billion liters of water! For the full lecture click here.

Gardening Tip of the Month
Having a good and reliable smart irrigation controller is important for creating an efficient sprinkler system but it’s not enough. Whether you take care of your own garden or you have a gardener who does it for you, it’s important to be familiar the irrigation methods available on the market. We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite irrigation methods, rated them by ease, explained when, where, and why you should use them, and most importantly, described how to set them up. This is also a great opportunity to introduce you to our blog and to some great articles we have there about gardening, irrigation, IoT and more. Click here to read the full article on our blog:  https://greeniq.com/blog/garden-irrigation-system/