GreenIQ Smart
Irrigation System

Factors in weather conditions via the internet and therefore waters only when necessary and saves gallons of water.
Can be controlled from a smartphone or a tablet. Anywhere, any time.
Automatically controls the garden’s irrigation, landscape lighting, fertilizing, and more.

Start Saving

Save water,
time & money

Remote Control

Smartphone or tablet

Easy Connection

Wi-Fi or Cellular


Factor in weather conditions

Get Alerts

Detect leaks & blockages


Control landscape lighting

Choose between Wi-Fi or Cellular Model

GreenIQ offers both Wi-Fi and cellular-based watering systems. If the Internet connection in your garden is limited or none exists, GreenIQ 3G/4G Cellular Controller offers full wireless coverage almost anywhere around the globe.

Choose between control or automated

Control irrigation via your smartphone or tablet with the GreenIQ app. The app is user-friendly and full of features and programs to easily control your entire garden. BUT if you want to work less and enjoy more of it – GreenIQ has a WeatherIQ™ smart algorithm – it can manage the garden automatically for you.

My watering now changes automatically according to the weather and even customizes month per month during the year. Bravo, a great investment. I recommend it to everyone who loves their garden.

Guy Lurde, France

Integrate your Smart Garden with your Smart Home

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub supports various Smart Home Integrations such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest, and Apple Watch, enabling you to complete your Smart Home with a full Smart Garden experience.
The system factors in weather data from public weather stations or private like ones, Netatmo and Davis. It detects pipe leaks and clogs when connected to a flow meter. If you want your GreenIQ to factor in the soil moisture level, add a soil sensor to your system.

217324192 Gallons saved by GreenIQ users Liters saved by GreenIQ users
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We are here to help you!

We offer several options to support you during the GreenIQ installation process and anytime afterwards. Email our support team, explore our support center, FAQ section and manuals or watch our installation videos in five different languages.


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